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Payroll Administration and Tax Management

Relax, knowing that your payroll is done accurately,
on time, and with the reporting flexibility that you need.

Provided services under our Payroll and Tax Administration Services:

Detailed Payroll Reports:
Enjoy easy access to payroll reports, billing reports, payroll registers, certified payrolls, and job costing whenever you need them.

Tax Filings:
Limit your liabilities and late-payment fees, as United Employee Services assumes responsibility for all of your employee related tax filings.

Stable Unemployment Rates:
Reduce the impact of any claims that may be filed against your company, as United Employee Services spreads your unemployment risks over a pool of thousands of employees.

Direct Deposit, Pay Card, and Payroll Deductions:
Give your employees the freedom to choose the method in which they receive their pay: options include ATM debit paycard, direct deposit or a standard paycheck. United Employee Services also handles all payroll deductions including garnishments and child support.

Flexible Payroll Reporting Options:
Choose the payroll reporting option that is most convenient for you: you may calculate your payroll hours on provided timesheets, through a time and attendance system, or post your payroll securely through our website.

Workers Compensation / Risk Management

Spend your time where it matters most, and let United Employee Services assume
your workers’ compensation liabilities, risk management, and claims administration.

Improved Cash Flow:
Enjoy pay-as-you-go freedom for workers’ compensation insurance, as well as no expense constant or large down payment. United Employee Services requires no down payment, and premiums are based upon actual payroll, so there are no year end audits.

Stable Lower Costs:
Allow us to better manage, and even lower your workers’ compensation-related costs, as we spread the risk over a pool of thousands of employees.

Certificates Of Insurance:
Receive speedy delivery of workers’ compensation certificates for proof of insurance when you need it. Simply call, fax, or email your Service Representative. Most requests are handled within 24 hours.

Help With Loss Prevention:
Prevent accidents before they occur with consultative help from our highly trained Risk Managers and proactive safety programs.

Easy Claims Administration:
Receive arrangement for the immediate treatment of injured workers and fast claims-reporting when workers’ compensation injuries occur. Call one of our trained professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week and immediate work with the insurance carrier will begin.

Risk Management & Consulting

United Employee Services risk management goes beyond ordinary safety consulting. We view risk management as a top priority. Our partners and employees learn how to best mitigate risks, whether it is safety on the shop floor, managing Workers Compensation modifiers, or maintaining compliance with Federal and state regulations.

Our comprehensive risk management services include consultation with our experts, who will help you with a wide range of solutions, including accident prevention techniques and training, ergonomics, return to work programs, workers compensation claims management, loss control programs, development of safety manuals and more.

United Employee Services risk management solutions gives you access to the tools and the knowledge to mitigate risks for the safety of your employees and the success of your business.

Benefits Procurement and Administration

Attract and keep the very best employees with the help of sound benefits from
United Employee Services. Our Employee Benefits Administration Department
manages multiple regional and national health, dental, and vision plans.
We also administer a full line of life, disability, flexible spending and retirement plans.

Full benefit Administration and Compliance offerings

Our benefits department helps make your job easier by taking the work out of benefits administration.

  • ACA compliance Assistance
  • ERISA, HIPPA & Federal COBRA Compliance
  • Online Open Enrollment Assistance
  • IRS Section 125 Plan Compliance
  • Monthly billing reconciliation

Strategic Employee Benefit Offerings:

Your Choice Of Medical Plans:
Feel good about the choice of medical coverage you provide your employees. United Employee Services offers medical plans from all of the industry leaders. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans feature comprehensive health care coverage with the lowest out- of- pocket expense. Point Of Service(POS) plans offer freedom of choice in allowing you to use in network providers or out of network providers at a slightly higher out-of-pocket expense.

Benefits Offerings

Other Ancillary offerings available for you to choose as employer or employee paid plans

  • Dental (no waiting period)
  • Vision (no waiting period)
  • Life insurance
    • Employer Paid life
    • Voluntary employee term life
    • Short term disability
    • Cancer
    • Accident
    • 401k
    • FSA (medical and dependent care)

Human Resource Administration

Control Costs, address key compliance issues, and receive liability protection
relating to Human Resources regulations with help from United Employee
Services. Our Human Resources Regulatory Compliance Services help you
make sense of  the ever-changing state and federal mandates that can increase
your cost and liability with each new regulation. As a small or medium sized business,
we will make sure you are able to keep up financially and stay in compliance at all times.


HR Audit:
Unsure if you are in regulatory compliance? We will review your hiring practices, record keeping, policies and past practices and make recommendations for improvement.

HR Posters, Forms & Handbooks:
Enjoy easy access to regulatory compliance posters, forms, and customized employee handbooks. We supply all materials you and your employees need to stay informed of human resources regulations and laws.

Hiring Assistance:
Make good use of your time. Let us assist with employment applications, job descriptions, and the background/drug screening of candidates you are considering for hire.

Tired of records retention? Let us do it all – personnel files, verifications of employment, unemployment responses, FMLA and your EEOC reports. We will make sure your employee records are compliant and accurate.

Stay protected from discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment suits through our premier Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage.







Are You In Compliance?